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Epilend is an innovative progressive hair removal system. It uses a natural Epilresin resin, and a particular manual and extremely delicate hair removal technique. The treatment is practically painless if correct hydration and subsequent preparation of the skin is carried out. Epilend does not cause folliculitis, nor ingrown hairs, nor skin hypersensitivity. The skin remains soft and hydrated and thanks to the particular type of product, associated with the exclusive method, over time there is a delay in growth and a weakening of the hair. Epilend allows exposure to the sun even on the same day, and has no contraindications, ask for information and start your wellness treatment. It is also possible to book a hair removal with the classic method

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Diode Laser 808 is absolutely the latest innovation in the field of Progressively Definitive Hair Removal. The laser, thanks to a particular frequency, destroys the hair follicle, healing it. This in NON-hormonal areas guarantees quick and long-lasting results. In the hormonal areas, a strong decrease and a greatly slowed regrowth can be noticed right from the first sessions. The handpiece, the beating heart of the machine, has an end that when cooled makes contact with the skin almost painless during the session. An accurate check-up and adequate maintenance