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Face Treatments


Time 60 min.

The treatment uses Lakshmi products and ultrasound. The aim of the treatment is to cleanse the skin of the face, making it luminous and compact. A deep cleansing followed by hydrating compresses, the use of ultrasound, and a closing massage complete the treatment.
Ultrasound, by removing dead cells and oxygenating the epidermis, immediately gives a newfound firmness and unexpected brightness.

The Treatment, at the beginning of each path, can be enriched by the use of a Dermoscopic Diagnostic Camera, used to check the state of Melanin, Sebum, Wrinkles, Hydration and Elasticity of the Skin.

The camera faithfully frames and photographs the state of the epidermis, forming a valid aid in determining the best possible path to follow. It also allows you to compare BEFORE and AFTER, allowing you to verify the results obtained.

The O.M. treatment designed to counteract skin aging, it immediately appears to have a strong anti-aging effect,
thanks to the use, versatility and power of Vitamins A C E.
Retinol, Ascorbic Acid and Tocopherol work together by stimulating the skin on multiple levels, ensuring on the one hand an effective fight against Free Radicals, freeing the skin from dangerous toxic molecules, and at the same time working on the hydration and nourishment of the epidermis. The manual treatment is a prolonged pampering that will bring light, density and relaxation to the skin.
An incredibly hydrating mask and careful finishing complete the treatment. The treatment is enriched with Multivitamin Ampoules for home treatment which guarantee incredible results from the first treatment.

It is a “pamper” for our eyes, it takes care of cleansing, bags under the eyes caused by water retention, fine and deep wrinkles, decongests the eyes and hydrates them where necessary.

5 extraordinary products, the combined use of JALINI CRYSTALS and a magical massage, which relaxes accumulated tension, makes the HAMSA ritual extraordinary.

Time 60 min.

VATA TONE & LIFT The Vata ritual was designed to meet the specific needs of skin that, in the event of an imbalance, tends towards dryness and tonelessness due to a lack of fat and water. Fat-free skin tends to lead to premature aging and this is why the ritual, including products for the home beauty routine, involve manual skills and highly specific certified Bio Eco active ingredients, such as PROTEASYL derived from Pisus Sativum and BL Peptide which will guarantee in the cabin and at home a toning, hydrating and plumping effect.

Time 60 min.

KAPHA PURE The Pure ritual, of Ayurvedic inspiration, is aimed at those skin affected by hyperseborrhea and inflammation, which over time, and depending on the different age groups, can lead to acne, of different levels, to hyperkeratosis, to the formation of cysts and inflamed comedones .

The active ingredients used both in the treatment in the institute and in the home beauty routine will mainly carry out the normalizing action of hyperseborrhea by calming the inflammation and allowing the skin to regain a healthier and more compact appearance.

The Rejuvenation Anti Age Ritual is undoubtedly one of the most specific treatments for senescent, tired, graying skin. This type of leather requires special attention. It needs water, nourishing fats, stimulating active ingredients, new collagen and elastin fibres, tone and firmness, firmness and brightness. The Ritual has its own particular stimulating massage which, through the use of semi-precious stones, crystals, essential oils and Eco Bio active ingredients, gives the treated skin a “new” appearance and rediscovered vitality right from the first sessions.

The innovative Diamond treatment with a counturing effect, designed to give the oval of the face the right firmness, was born from the need to plump and firm a toneless and empty face. The new cocktail of active ingredients that characterizes it allows the operator to affect both the skin proteins… collagen and elastin, and to fill the connective tissue with endogenous water and fat, while at the same time guaranteeing an antioxidant action thanks to the blend of active ingredients included in the active complex.
Glutathione, the most powerful Anti-Oxidant currently available, and Hyaluronic Acid (3 molecular weight sugar molecule capable of attracting available water to itself, filling the tissue from the inside) and Omega 3 and 6, the most famous uniformly known antioxidants , they are 3 essential allies in the fight against aging, guaranteeing an amazing Anti Aging result from the first sessions.

Spots have always been an annoying blemish and often the subject of many overly aggressive and invasive treatments. The Lakshmi Lightening Treatment uses an enzymatic peeling with ALFA ideaxiacids and a mix of incredible active ingredients, Alpha Arbutin, associated with a new complex derived from the Caper. These molecules attack melanin deposits by dissolving them and preventing new formations. It does not exfoliate the stratum corneum and does not make the skin sensitive to the sun or to climatic variations. The skin receives a hydrating and compacting treatment. The home use of the product, containing Alpha Arbutin, will allow excellent results to be obtained over a variable time, depending on the skin’s response, without hypersensitizing the skin.

The ritual is aimed at the treatment of particularly sensitive skin, we could define it as Pitta Pitta, which, in the worsening of its original state, characterized by redness, covered, erythema and similar burns, obviously due to forms of violent inflammation, requires active ingredients and particularly decongestant, repairing and healing treatments. The Line, both in the cabin and within the home beauty routine, is enriched, compared to what was said for Pitta Sensitive, with a prodigious active ingredient, Zanthalene, which guarantees short-term improvements guaranteed by verifiable clinical studies.

Specific Spa Treatments

The skin goes through a natural cellular turnover every 21 days, where it gradually changes the old and dry surface cells with more hydrated and young ones, so an exfoliating treatment every three to four weeks will always make your skin soft and elastic. Kaya, in detail, is a particular “mechanical” scrub which, through micronized apricot kernel powder, enriched with wheat germ vegetable oil, nourishes the epidermis and at the same time exfoliates it with a soft, deep and pleasant action. The treatment is completed with the Swedana or steam bath, which thanks to the osmotic action, completes the purification and detoxification of the skin, which will ultimately be incredibly soft for two or three days.

Deep exfoliation technique guaranteed by the use of the Tonic Line Salt Scrub. The osmotic power of Dead Sea Salt mixed with the hydrating action of Himalayan Salt provides nourishment, hydration and drainage. At the end of the treatment, the skin appears soft, hydrated, smooth and beautiful. This treatment is also completed with 15/20 minutes of Swedana which will enhance the detoxifying and purifying effect of the salts.

The Oiling + Steam Bath technique consists in the use of appropriately chosen Vegetable Oils and Essential Oils, with the aim of Hydrating, Draining and Detoxifying the skin. The ritual uses Swedana to make the treatment aromatic and incredibly pleasant.


Cellulite, defined as PEFS, i.e. Fibro-Sclerotic Edemo Panniculopathy, is a state of serious inflammation of the Connective Tissue and as such, although manifesting itself with an initial water retention, degenerates into different and advanced states” involving many organs and tissues. Hara Spa Wellness, thanks to Lakshmi and its method, uses the most suitable active ingredients and massages to deal with this annoying blemish, improving the body as a whole, bringing it back into balance.

The Garshan Dren massage that characterizes this incredible holistic ritual is extraordinarily draining. The name Acqua Shock conveys the idea perfectly. The type of maneuvers, the pressure and the rhythm, drain water retention, and thanks to active vessel-protecting ingredients it also strengthens the venous and lymphatic system.

The Garshan Dren Massage that characterizes this incredible holistic ritual is extraordinarily draining. The name Acqua Shock conveys the idea perfectly. The type of maneuvers, the pressure and the rhythm, drain water retention, and thanks to active vessel-protecting ingredients it also strengthens the venous and lymphatic system.

The Garshan Dren Massage that characterizes this incredible holistic ritual and is extraordinarily draining. The name Acqua Shock conveys the idea perfectly. The type of maneuvers, the pressure and the rhythm, drain water retention, and thanks to active vessel-protecting ingredients it also strengthens the venous and lymphatic system.



The Lipo Cell ritual uses a particular elastic bandage
compressive, where the bandage, soaked in functional substances, combined
to the preparatory massage and cosmetic enhancement of
Specific vials and oils, ensures drainage and tone
immediate. The bandage applied at room temperature is not
no contraindications and is suitable for all blemishes
they require a draining detox action.

The Crio Cell ritual exploits the vasoconstriction effect obtained through the use of a compressive bandage which, thanks to the active ingredients contained, immediately triggers a hot-cold reaction in the tissue which stimulates circulation, on the one hand, and strengthens the walls of the vessels capillaries draining and stimulating normal circulatory activity. The bandage has no contraindications and is essential in the case of serious circulatory problems such as varicose veins, phlebitis and post-operative sequelae.

The Udara treatment has for years allowed Lakshmi operators to treat one of the most widespread problems, constipation and abdominal swelling. Both of these blemishes undermine health and contribute over time to widespread aggravation which manifests itself in the form of other blemishes throughout the body: heaviness, migraines, acne, gas, flatulence, water retention and cellulite. The Udara treatment, thanks to a particular deep visceral massage, restores regular peristalsis and an incredible feeling of well-being from the first session, relaxing the entire abdominal muscles. The treatment is associated with the use of the Steam Bath.

The Art Reum Postural ritual aims to bring the spine back into AXIS with respect to the pelvis, this loosens vertebral compressions and the inevitable cervical, lumbar and sacral inflammation and neuralgia.
Refined stretching techniques allow you to regain correct posture and elasticity of the spine.
The treatment involves the use of localized mud, essential oils and STEAM BATH. It is a particularly suitable treatment for athletes and to alleviate the after-effects of traumatic events due to sedentary work.

The Lymphatic System is undoubtedly one of the most important systems for the entire functioning of our body. A lymphatic system in perfect shape not only drains toxins, cleans the blood and keeps the immune system healthy, but creates the conditions for general health of the body. The Heavy Legs treatment alleviates the sensation of swelling, relieves compression due to venous and lymphatic stasis and strengthens the capillaries. The massage is beautiful and deep, it immediately gives a feeling of well-being and lightness.

Atony and tissue relaxation are often annoying and unwanted blemishes, but require a distinction for a correct understanding. Not all firmings are the same, in fact atony can result from emptying of the tissue or a lack of water, and therefore the treatment must provide solutions for both problems. The Kumari uses a massage technique called Connective, which restores tone to the tissue and the cosmetics provide that water that is so important for the health of the tissue.

The breast, being largely a gland, CANNOT be massaged for long and in fact the Kumari treatment uses POSTURAL maneuvers. A firming mask, a plumping cream and a concentrated vial together with stimulation maneuvers for the pectoralis major and minor, restore tone and firmness to the breasts, making them TROPHIC. After just one treatment, tissue and posture improvements are clearly evident.


This massage technique is so famous and also used in hospitals, for example, post-operatively, that there is no need to go into a particular explanation, a brief description will suffice. It is a treatment that stimulates the Lymphatic System and the Lymph NOT to localize, therefore DRAINS water retention and deflates the areas where for various reasons an accumulation of liquids may have occurred. It is a total body massage designed to unblock all lymphatic stations

Connective tissue is a very effective technique, especially in the case of toneless tissue that needs to be firmed or compacted. It is a technique where the maneuvers drag upwards, stimulating, supplying and oxygenating the tissue. At the end of the session the tissue appears toned and the sensation of tissue lifting is evident.

It is a beautiful massage technique that takes into consideration the entire body, dividing it into three districts, Legs, Abdomen and Back. within the treatment, three synergies of vegetable oils and essential oils that are specific but different for each district are prepared and then used. The massage can be completed by the use of
Swedana (steam bath).


Shiatsu, widespread in Japan since the 6th century, is a manipulative manual practice that stimulates a self-healing process in the recipient (the body reacts on its own). Through this manipulative treatment, during which sustaining, constant and perpendicular pressures are applied on the recipient’s body, making use above all of the fingertips, but also of the elbows, feet, knees and palms of the hands, the operator contacts the vitality of the recipient, the its “Qi” favoring its natural flow. Life force, or “Qi”, is the ability that every living organism has to maintain balance and maintain its vital functions including healing and repair.

Plantar Reflexology is an ancient holistic technique of micro-stimulation applied mainly to the feet. It is based on the theory that correlates certain points on the feet and hands with certain reflex organs. All organs, glands and parts of the body, according to Reflexology, can be stimulated through this technique by typing points mapped right on the sole of the foot. According to its supporters, applying reflexology massage could have an effect or influence the corresponding organ, or system. The treatment is very pleasant, lasts about 60 minutes and can in all respects be considered a supplementary and integrated technique to the holistic ones of massage.

This particular massage technique works on releasing the tensions that the body accumulates due to retained emotions, quickly transforming them into pain and then into real centers of physiological stress. Psychosomatics recognizes the different signals that the body
projects onto one’s own physiology, making every single treatment unique and very personal. The practice involves a part of listening to the body, by the operator, and a manual part on the spine, on the foot and wherever the body requires attention.

Myofascial massage is a particular manual technique that works on the fascia that covers the muscles. Naturally it requires great precision and good knowledge of the anatomy on the part of the operator but it is easy to perform and can be modulated according to the patient’s needs.
The use of this technique ensures immediate benefits, bringing improvements to posture as well as to the fluidity of movements and consequently to the quality of daily and sporting life, including the resolution of muscle and joint pain.

Ayurvedic massage is one of the oldest rebalancing and anti-stress practices currently known and widely used throughout the planet. It is a massage that uses aromatic oils, touches, hot pads, where applicable, fomentations and aromatherapy to ensure well-being for the whole body by stimulating dormant sensations and emotions.
The massage lasts over an hour and allows, if practiced regularly, unexpected states of relaxation. Adjuvant in the treatment of insomnia, stress at various levels, and all those symptoms linked to excessive nervousness. It turns out to be without a doubt a unique experience in the genre of oriental practices.
The Ayurvedic massage is strongly recommended for all people who love the touch and relaxation that comes from a long enveloping massage.
This ancient practice has over 200 years of history behind it and a wisdom that goes beyond time. Ayurvedic Abhyanga is certainly a unique and unmissable experience.

TREATMENTS for the well-being of the FOOT

Trattamento Pada The Pada Spa treatment is a particular technique that involves the use of a powerful Manuka poultice, notoriously the most powerful anti-viral and bacterial agent in nature, which combats mycosis, protects the capillaries, deflates the ankles and whitens the exposed capillaries if present. The ritual includes foot reflexology techniques aimed at general well-being and relaxation. The classic aesthetic pedicure treatment can be included within the treatment.

Podo CHIC is an innovative professional treatment that aims to remove the thickenings that are created in some areas of the foot called Hyperkeratosis.

These deposits of epidermis harden and can over time inflame or alter posture, causing pain and problems of various kinds. Podo Chic, thanks to a mix of substances specifically designed with an alkaline pH, removes these deposits, bringing out the skin once again hydrated and soft. The treatment lasts approximately 40 minutes and can be repeated every 50/60 days depending on different needs.


The Hands spa treatment is an important ritual where there is a need to re-hydrate the skin of the hands which for various reasons can appear dry, chapped and aged…The wise use of buffered acids speeds up cellular turnover allowing the skin to lighten and regenerate. A hydrating compress and a final massage embellish this ritual which has now become a must.